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When Looking For Your Next Hotel stay you have an infinite number of options the moment you think about a hotel you find yourself bombarded with Booking Websites ads sounds familiar ?

What is OTA?

An OTA is an online travel agency they basically a middleman between you and the hotel thier Ads Scream Low Rates Making Think You Are Getting a Great Deal but are they really ?

When Hotels Sign Up With an Online Travel Agency they all have to agree to what is called a rate parity agreement that means that the hotel has to maintain that the base rate for the same room has to be the same across other Travel Sites So No Matter How Much Those sites claim to get You The Best Deal the Bottom Line Is THEY Don’t , The Only Reason Why Many Travelers Choose To Book With Them is Simply Because these Companies Spend a Huge amount of money on advertising to convince Travelers That They Offer The Best Rates .

So Here Is Reasons Why Choose To Book Directly On Hotels own Websites Vs Third Parties

1- Flexibility

Now When You make Your Reservation on a Third party website you become thier customer not the Hotel,s Customer and most importantly that most of the time you will pay directly to that Particular site and most likely it is a non refundable rate so you can almost forget about getting any refunds for un stayed nights should your plans change Vs when you Book On the Hotel,s Own Site you are the hotel,s own customer where your payment goes directly to the hotel so they have more flexibility to Modify Your Reservation If Needed.

2 – Best Rates

Almost always all hotels and hotels chains have has members Rates Which are usually better than public rates because they are considered a closed group rates they do not have to abide by the Rates Parity agreements that we talked about .

3- Loyalty

Imagine this scenario, You have a Favorite Hotel Chain That You Would Rather Choose to stay with wherever you go , Most Hotel Brands Has A loyalty rewards program that are Free to Join You Don’t have to commit any money for these programs and you will collect loyalty points at your favorite hotel brands some of them offer generous discounts and even free nights when you collect a certain amount of loyalty points So The Question here Why Not Take Advantage of this ?

3- Upgrdes

Some Hotels now are Limiting Thier Free wifi To Thier Direct Guest only third Party Guests Has to Pay For Wifi and any extra amenities that the hotel Has To Offer

4- Easy Communication

Do you Have a specific request that you need in your stay ? Like a room away from from the elevator or a room near the lobby ? You are most likely to get your requests accepted by booking directly because of easy and direct communication with the hotel , while with a Third Party Booking you are most likely to get the ice machine room .

These are just a few reasons why you should book directly with the hotel . We at Carla hotels at our Hotel Carla Inn&suites Roanoke Airport have launched our brand new website where you can book your room directly with us at

For best rates and Deals on Our Rooms

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